The Oregon CoastWhen my parents and I go to Oregon to visit my niece, we always try to make it to the coast! Highway 101 runs all the way down the Oregon coastline, and practically anywhere along that route is full of scenic stops.

Traveling the Oregon Coast What I’m wearing in this photo is totally misleading. It gets so cold! When the sun is out and isn’t windy, it’s really nice and you can wear an outfit like this. But when the fog rolls in and the breeze kicks up, you’ll be pulling on every piece of clothing you brought with you (and that is no exaggeration!). It’s a wet, windy cold, so pack your fleece and long pants!

Pacific Northwest CoastSo you may be wondering, why would anyone vacation in this miserable cold? Well, It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has a wild, rugged beauty that can’t be described adequately–you have to see it for yourself.

Oregon Coastal townsGet ready for some shopping, or at least window shopping! Little tourist towns along the coast are full of quaint charm, sandy boardwalks and plenty of places to shop. The windy beaches are perfect for flying kites, and you’ll find entire stores dedicated to selling kites in some popular coastal towns. Food is plentiful, and if you’re a chowder fan you won’t go hungry!

If you go, keep a watchful eye for wildlife. I saw my first whales and sea lions at Yaquina Head.

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