deerAfter poking fun last year at the vintage valentines that didn’t age well from the wonderful collection over at the Vintage Valentine Museum, I should really show the other side of the story. There are plenty of cards that didn’t lose their charm over the decades. The copywriter in me is amused by how these cards rely so heavily on puns and plays on words. Corny by today’s standards, sure, but probably cute and witty back then. So if you’re stuck for card ideas this year, draw inspiration from these nuggets.

Aw, Prince Charming found you (finally!)

FairytaleAnd they lived happily ever after…

Cowboys can make puns, too.

vintage valentines cards with retro charm

Typically retro Americana: cowboys that look a little like the Gerber baby.

Old world charm

PolishAccording to the Vintage Valentine Museum, this card depicting Polish dress was part of a series with an international theme. Cultures depictions were commonly used in vintage valentines, especially Dutch and Irish.

Valentines for writers

valentinenewsThe most adorable part of this card just might be that the paper used to cost three cents.

And the award for best romantic pun goes to…

Just my typeThis pun is still in use today, as I discovered while putting together a Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Puppy love!Chews You

Nothing says true love like “I destroyed your belongings,” am I right dog lovers?

Thanks to the Vintage Valentine Museum for the use of these images. Their online library of cards is available for use in personal craft projects, just to give you some ideas for Valentine’s Day DIY projects!

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