wedding dress trends 2016Wedding dress trends 2016: 5 styles that wow

Trend forecasting: wedding dress edition! Fashion plus weddings…I am so excited for today’s post. 2016 will bring new trends on the aisle as well as the runway. Are you ready? Read on for some upcoming trends. See something you like? All pictures are links. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of these styles!

1. 3-D Embellishments

3-D flowersOrganza flowers and other 3-dimensional embellishments are adding depth to 2016’s wedding dresses.

2. V-necklines

plunging v-neck hot wedding dress trend 2016We’ll be seeing lots of v-necklines, especially plunging v-necklines. The lace straps are also frequently seen and a move away from the ever-popular strapless styles.

3. Lacey layers and overlays

Lovely lace wedding dressVictorian lace has been front and center lately. You may have seen this type of lace on every day fashion styles this year. Now, wedding dresses are getting adorned with it too. It looks like someone sewed your grandmother’s doilies onto a dress–but you know, in a good way. Note that this dress is an example of another wedding dress 2016 trend: a nectarean silhouette, with a bodice that comes down over the hips.

4. Flowing Bohemian

Boho wedding dress styleThis is one trend taken right from current street fashion. Drapey, off-the-shoulder lace gives a casual vibe for this wedding dress trends 2016 look. Pair it with a bohemian-inspired hair accessory and it’s right for a trendy, outdoors wedding.

5. Stylish sleeves

wedding dress trends 2016Ever since Kate Middleton graced us with her lace sleeve wedding dress, designers have been incorporating sleeves into each new season’s wedding dresses. This year, it’s all about sleeves of any length. From barely-there cap sleeves to Kate’s full sleeves, shoulders are looking a little more covered in 2016.

All photographs used with permission from Aisle Style. Many thanks to¬† Aisle Style for sponsoring today’s post. Which of the wedding dress trends 2016 do you love?

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  1. I love love the lace details and the boho style! Ever since Kate Middleton got married, I noticed stylish sleeves have become popular as well. I interned at a wedding magazine this summer and I’d say you are pretty up-to-date on the trends

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