Abbie and AubreySomething special happened to me last month–I became an aunt for the first time! Over July 4th, I flew to see my new niece. She lives across the country from me so she was almost a month old when I met her.

I’m admitted biased, but I think she is pretty wonderful. She already has some great talents perfected including wiggling, smiling, yawning, sticking her tongue out and looking around so it’s obvious how smart and talented she will be.

I was reminded of a high school friend who told me that after her brother had a baby, their close-knit, small-town family stopped watching TV altogether and just sat around the living room staring at the baby. After spending a week with my niece, I totally understand (although I do admit that while I was there I did watch the first episode of Call the Midwife and possibly got hooked).

I got teary off and on the whole plane ride home. How can someone so little, who just came into existence, now command so much importance in my life?

How can I build a relationship with her as she grows, even though I can’t see her frequently?

In Aubrey’s honor I’m also announcing a new corner of my blog, Little Paperdoll, a section dedicated to kids’ fashion and activities. If there’s something you’d like to see there, I hope you’ll let me know!


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    • Aw thanks Amanda! You’re the sweetest. I haven’t actually posted anything Little Paper Doll related yet…maybe you can give me some ideas inspired by Sophia!

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