What to wear berry pickingSummer isn’t complete until I’ve gone to a pick your own berry farm¬†at least once. Maybe it’s because I grew up near one, or more likely because there’s no other food in the world I like quite as much as fresh picked blueberries. There’s also just something so rewarding about being involved in procuring the berries you eat and seeing the land where it’s grown.

The pick your own season can vary each year. I’ve been picking in the Pacific Northwest as early as June and in Wisconsin as late as August. Some years there hasn’t been a crop at all, which is disappointing to say the least!

The general rule for the Midwest is early summer strawberries, mid summer blueberries and late summer raspberries. So not to worry if you’ve missed strawberries and blueberries where you live, there might still be raspberries on the horizon. The photos in this post were taken at Blue House Farms in Pescadero, California, which is open all summer. If you’re looking for an organic pick your own berry farm in Northern California, I highly recommend this place! They have a produce stand you can buy vegetables from at the farm too.

Here’s what I’ve learned from years of faithful berry picking.

What to wear berry picking

When choosing what to wear berry picking, consider clothing that you don’t mind getting stained. Blue and black clothes for blueberry picking work out well. Pants or shorts are ideal because picking berries can require crouching and sitting on the ground.

A hat to keep the bugs and sun off your face. Need hat inspiration? Check out this post.
Bug spray.

A cooler with a tray and/or container to transport your berries home in.

Cash, as some berry farms don’t take credit cards.

A small child or two. Berry picking is a fun activity for little ones, so give the kids in your life a chance to learn about farming, food production and nature if you can!

What NOT to bring berry picking

Your pets! Most farms don’t allow dogs.

Picking baskets and buckets. The farm will supply these, though you can bring your own if you prefer.

Other things to know about pick your own berries

Call ahead! Most berry farms are small family operations that will close if they get picked out or if there’s inclement weather. Before you drive way out into the country, confirm that the farm will be open when you get there.

Not all farms are pesticide free, so do your research ahead of time if you prefer organic produce.

what to wear berry pickingWhere to pick:

Find farms near you at pickyourown.org. What berries are in season near you?

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