Any fashionista has way too many clothes and is always acquiring more. I absolutely envy anyone with the natural skill to purge unwanted belongings and live with only what they need and use. I’ve written posts about different ways to downsize your stuff, and mentioned how I love getting second hand clothes from others. Since I’ve been committed to May it Be of Use Month in May, I’ve been thinking a lot about avenues for how to easily give stuff away. The obvious choices–Goodwill, Vietnam Veterans of America, local thrift stores–are great and sometimes they wilI even pick up stuff for you, but there are other lesser known organizations that deserve attention too. I compiled this list of specialty organizations as a resource for myself and others for where to donate stuff. I’d love to add to it, so if you see something missing let me know in the comments section or on my Facebook post.

Where to Donate Stuff: Books

Little Free Library Uptown Minneapolis
Little Free Library Uptown Minneapolis

Little Free Libraries are these amazing little hutches in neighborhood locations where residents can take and leave books. I found this one outside of Caffetto in Uptown Minneapolis. Find your nearest Little Free Library and make another reader’s day by stocking the shelf with your old volumes.

The creator of May it Be of Use suggested on the Facebook page another worthy organization for book donations: the Women’s Prison Book project. You can drop off donations at their downtown Minneapolis location or mail them via USPS Media Mail.

Where to Donate Stuff: Your Old Piano

Pianos 4 Kids
A colorful piano to be donated to a family, school or organization who needs it.

When I was at an art fair I found a great organization, Keys 4/4 Kids, that turns pianos into works of art and donates them to schools and organizations for children to learn to play. They’ll come pick up the piano for you, which is extra convenient. They do ask for a donation for this service–it’s an optional donation but well worth it in my opinion.

My parents actually donated an old piano to this organization and everything went smoothly for them. Plus, your old piano will look way cooler after than it ever did while it was sitting in your house getting dusty.

Donate Formal Dresses and Accessories

Local organizations like this one will turn formal attire into someone’s prom dress. You can find one nearest you at

Where to Donate Stuff: Baby Clothes and Supplies

Local organizations that serve families who need an extra helping hand often take donations. The one I know of, Way to Grow! in North Minneapolis, I found by driving past their brightly-muraled exterior every day on my way to work. They happily accept donations of children’s clothes and supplies and household items to distribute to the families that they serve.

How to Donate Clothes

Alight Fashion Blog has provided an amazing infographic checklist for donating old clothes. Check out the environmental benefits of donating clothes!

Where to donate stuff
Courtesy of: Alight

Where do you donate your stuff? I’d love suggestions and will add them to this list!

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  1. This is a great post! I remeber we used to have a poetry reading in highschool where we would get people to donaye old books and send them to the local women’s prison. I don’t live in tour state, but this does inspire me to find places and organizations like this in my own hometown. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really love the idea of donating my old books to the Women’s Prison Book Project! I was planning to give them to goodwill but I feel like this would be a better way for them to get more use after me!

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Great reminder for me right now- spring cleaning + yard sale season! I brought home a bunch of secondhand stuff last weekend and now need to give away some stuff I already have. There is a little free library near me in Woodstock- I love those things! Such a great idea and I just love that they exist 🙂

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